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Ultralight Backpacking Guide

Welcome to the Hiker Adventures Ultralight Backpacking Guide!

This guide is designed to show you that there’s more to ultralight backpacking than the gear. Ultralight backpacking is about doing more with less, it’s about minimalism, it’s about a new way of thinking.

Leave your pillow, coffee press, and extra clothes at home, and discover that less really is more.

Hiker Adventures Ultralight Backpacking Guide


Ultralight backpacking isn’t about the gear, it’s about minimalism. Start here to get inspired.

$100 Ultralight Backpacking Kit

To break down the barriers to ultralight backpacking, I set out to create a fully functional ultralight backpacking kit for less than $100.

Ultralight Backpacking Gear

What do ultralight backpackers carry (besides not much)?

Ultralight Backpacking Food

From the advantages of carrying an alcohol stove, to stove free meals, here’s what ultralight backpackers care about most: food!