Superior Hiking Trail Day 14: Duluth Day!

Buck the association! I’m going to Duluth!

Day 14

Monday May 30, 2016
Bald Eagle Campsite to Canal Park, Duluth
12.5 Superior Hiking Trail Miles

Canal Park
Canal Park

I woke up at Bald Eagle camp, the last campsite on the Superior Hiking Trail. The Superior Hiking Trail Association recommends ending a thru-hike at Martin Road, which is just a few miles from my campsite. But I’ve decided to buck the association. I’m not leaving the trail until there isn’t any trail left to hike!

Since I’m continuing on without any campsites, I’ve had to get creative for my last 50 miles or so. Tonight I’m staying at a hotel in Duluth’s Canal Park. With only 13 miles separating me from the hotel, today will be my shortest full day on the trail.


Coming into Duluth the Superior Hiking Trail has a roadwalk along Vermillion Road. On either side of the road is a cemetery. I thanked the members of the local American Legion Post who were preparing for this morning’s Memorial Day Service. Further down the trail I watched a young Marine and his mother place flowers on a grave. It’s not everyday you get to see real heroes while out on a hike.


I have arrived in Canal Park! I just walked to Duluth from Canada!

19 days from now, during Grandma’s Marathon, I’ll run to Canal Park from Two Harbors. That sounds way easier.


Duluth day has been wonderful and relaxing. After cleaning up in the hotel, I met my wife, my sister, and her husband for dinner and beers at the Canal Park Brewery. I then prepared my last resupply. I can’t believe this adventure is nearly over.

It’s 6:45 PM and I just told my wife I’m going to bed. She gave me a strange look, but I think she’s going to go along with it.

The Superior Hiking Trail

The Superior Hiking Trail follows the rocky ridge line of Lake Superior’s North Shore in Minnesota. The trail stretches over 300 miles from the Canadian border to the Wisconsin border south of Duluth. The Superior Hiking Trail is known for sweeping views of Lake Superior, excellent trail and camp conditions, ample wildlife, and majestic waterfalls.

The Superior Hiking Trail has been lauded by many, including National Geographic, who called it, “The best long hike in the country between the Continental Divide and the Appalachian Trail.”

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