Dave, from his wife’s point of view:

Shoot. He’s standing over my shoulder watching me, so I better be nice. Dave is kind and generous and… OK, he’s gone now. Let’s be real. The dude is crazy. Like sleep in the dead of winter in a tent on a frozen lake in MN crazy. Or climb mountains in Denali without proper gear, just to see the world from the top crazy. Or backpack solo in numerous mountainous national parks simply because he can…and because it is his calling. He decided to run a marathon while backpacking in Arizona in May and completed marathon number one the following October. He has since completed three more marathons with two more planned for later this year. That’s 6 marathons in two years. See, I told you. Crazy.

OK, he’s back. So like I was saying, my husband is loving and sweet and devotes his time to causes close to his heart. He strives to make himself and the world around him better. Read his blog. I daresay you will be inspired by what he shares. Especially if you’re a bit crazy too.

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