Summer Ultralight Backpacking Gear List

I’m excited to share this year’s summer ultralight backpacking gear list. This is the best list of hiking gear I’ve ever assembled! It includes some of my old favorites (Patagona Ultralight Down Shirt) as well as new backpacking gear that I’ve fallen in love with (my new ultralight backpack, the Arc’teryx Alpha FL). This gear list contains some terrific ultralight backpacking gear.

If you add it all up, my ultralight backpacking gear list weighs between 8.5 and 14.2 pounds. I will never have a backpack as heavy as 14 pounds, as I’ll leave luxury backpacking items behind when a bear canister is required (2lbs). For most trips my base weight (full pack weight minus consumables) will be around ten pounds. Twelve pounds is the threshold to qualify for an ultralight backpacking gear list.

Weight for hiking clothes is based on a men’s small unless indicated otherwise. All quantities are one (or one pair) unless otherwise noted. This is everything. I bring the same hiking clothes and hiking gear regardless of trip duration.




Ultralight BackpackArc'teryx Aplha FL 45 Ultralight Backpack


Ultralight Backpacking Shelterultralight backpacking tent


Big Agnes Fly Creek Platinum 2 Ultralight Backpacking Tent

  • Method 1: Tent & Rainfly (no footprint) – 33.1oz
  • Method 2: Fast Fly (rainfly & footprint only) – 27.3oz

Ultralight Backpacking Sleep Systemultralight backpacking sleep system


Spare Camp & Hiking Clothesultralight backpacking clothes


Rain, Wind, & Sun Protectionultralight backpacking rain protection


Hydrationultralight hydration


Camp Bagultralight backpacking gear list


Ultralight Backpacking Emergency Kitultralight backpacking emergency kit


  • Bag from Patagonia Down Sweater – 0.2oz
  • First Aid Kit – 3.4oz
  • Krazy Glue – 0.3oz
  • Water Purifier Tables (backup) – 0.2oz
  • Weather Proof Matches, Fire Starters, Duct Tape – 1.1oz
  • Sewing Kit – 0.4oz


Sanitation Kitultralight backpacking sanitation kit


Ultralight Cook Kit ultralight backpacking cook kit


  • Beer Can Pot & Beer Can Pot Lid/Measuring Cup (optional) – 1.8oz
  • 3oz Listerine Bottle (for fuel, optional) – 0.5oz
  • Izze Can Alcohol Stove (optional) – 0.4oz
  • Aluminium Foil Wind-guard & Stove Bottom (optional) – 0.7oz
  • Mouse Pad Pot Holder (optional) – 1.2oz
  • Fold-able Spork (optional) – 0.6oz
  • Bear Vault BV450 Solo Bear Resistant Food Canister (when required) – 32.3oz
  • Food Stuff Sack (when bear can is not required) – 1.6oz


Occasional Luxury Items (all optional)backpacking luxury items



Hiking Gear Worn & Carried (not counted against base weight)the ultralight backpacker



So there it is, my summer 2014 ultralight backpacking gear list. Grab your hiking gear and assemble your backpacking kit. I’ll meet you on the trail!



Dave is a nomad, avid hiker, and ultralight backpacker. He covers thousands of miles each year on foot, primarily in North America. You can find him traversing the desert, backpacking in the mountains, or running your local trails.